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As life long girls of the West, we never truly new the magic that the Eastern seaboard possessed until we had the opportunity to find our selves smack in the middle of Vermont in early September.  In a few weeks, the maples would light up with deep oranges and bright reds but before that happened there is a period where the colors change from green to beautiful muted oranges, peaches and yellows.  Have you ever driven through the farm towns of upper New England?  The fertile dark, rich soil is the envy of every gardener on the planet.  Stowe was inspired by the fertile soils and that magical, transitional period between summer and fall. 

Collection Items

  • Bridal Bouquet - 14-18”

  • Bridesmaids Bouquets - 10-12”

  • Boutonniere

  • Corsage

  • Flower Girl Bouquet

  • Flower Crown

  • Hair Comb

  • Toss Bouquet

  • Centerpiece Bouquets (Choice of vessel) 10-12”

  • Sign Florals

  • Cake Flowers

  • 5’ Garland with Flowers

  • Candle Trio with Flowers

  • Arbor Pieces

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Stowe 1.jpg


Early spring, summer, fall, even winter, Stowe looks stunning all year around. Especially complimentary to the yellow aspens in the fall, this beautiful collection is a fav around our office. With multiple natural elements this collection is the cherry on top for outdoor pictures and settings. Stowe works well with both silver and gold as well as natural vessels in wood and birch.