The Flintwood Floral


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Events & Weddings

"Finding Perfection in Imperfection"

That is our goal at Flintwood Floral.  Don't like artificial flowers, yeah, neither do we.  That is why we refer to our florals as Eco-Alternative Arrangements.  Just as stunning as fresh cut...but an eco-friendly alternative.

We have searched the world for the most beautiful, real looking, real feeling, alternative stems.    

Our designs are modern yet classic, simple yet full, minimalist yet complex.  We draw our inspiration from nature and couple that with avant garde floral trends.  Never calculated, rather organically placed stems that "find perfection in the imperfect."

We strive to be illusionists, to create the most beautiful tablescapes utilizing our Eco-Alternative stems in conjunction with reclaimed wood, Colorado river rock, USA blown glass, nordic vases, and preserved mosses. 

What you won't see - rhinestones, though we swoon for diamonds - glittery poinsettias, though we do love a holiday poinsettia, just not with glitter - plaid ribbon, that is unless you are getting married in Jackson Hole in the fall and then we would rock the plaid like a winter princess too. Simply said, these are not your run-of-the-mill, craft store flowers.  

That is why we will never book an event with out an in person consultation.  

We want you to feel them, see them, swoon over them and be as obsessed with them as we are.  We don't just want to fulfill the floral needs for your event, we want to make it stunning.

Home Collection

Our bespoke home collection is designed to bring to life the visual aesthetic mimicking going into your cut garden, swooping up stems and effortlessly throwing them into a vase.  


Our arrangements are all unique and hand tied in Colorado.  Permanently set in USA blown glass