Santa Fe

Santa Fe Bridal.jpg


From the moment we landed in Santa Fe, we knew this enchanted land was full of inspiration. From the red clay buildings, intricately painted Saltillo tiles, the woven serapes and the stunning hammered jewelry sold on every street corner.  The vibrant reds, oranges and yellows became the cornerstone of the Santa Fe Collection.  Bright but rich coloration, wild grasses and pin cushion proteas bring the vibrancy of the southwest to life. 

Collection Items

  • Bridal Bouquet - 14-18”

  • Bridesmaids Bouquets - 10-12”

  • Boutonniere

  • Corsage

  • Flower Girl Bouquet

  • Flower Crown

  • Hair Comb

  • Toss Bouquet

  • Centerpiece Bouquets (Choice of vessel) 10-12”

  • Sign Florals

  • Cake Flowers

  • 5’ Garland with Flowers

  • Candle Trio with Flowers

  • Arbor Pieces

Santa Fe 2.jpg

Santa Fe 1.jpg


Santa Fe works well in the late summer and fall! Think tall grassy fields and natural cactus varieties, split rail fences and aged whiskey barrels. But Santa Fe also adapts to modern and geometric. Our cement and gold vase or gold geo vase make a great paring!