Duck, Duck, Gray Duck...

Here in The Midwest, the neighborhoods are humming with the sounds of spring. We’ve dug out of the snow and the snow blowers are being summerized for their yearly hibernation. 


Spring has sprung! 


Inspiration for Minnesota brides are being influenced by garden, fairytale, vintage and rustic themes; each year is a little bit different from the last. 


Our season starts with hues of dark purples and greenery pulled together for a traditional look that is very romantic. The romance is offset by the calling of the lavender anemone and the onyx centers - demanding your attention. 

Moving on through the season we are in love with the garden themes. Greenery steps onto the main stage in venues with barn loft ceremonies and stately mansions. Blushes and white start to emerge around mid season with peonies, hydrangeas, gardenias, and roses accompanying soft greenery and airy flourishes. Succulents take their place rooting arrangements and adding unexpected textures giving interest to the already beautiful. 


Subtle pinks and whites eventually are overpowered as we transition into fall when we give in to the siren song of burgundy and burnt orange. The flowers of the season will accompany vintage decor adorned with skeleton keys. Can you guess if we'll see some bling?


The moody palets and dark hues eventually give way to light as we wrap up the 2018 season watching fireworks and celebrating the grace of the past year; looking forward to the next.