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We don’t name our collections after anything in particular.  That is because we believe inspiration can come from anywhere and anything and anyone for that matter.  Ash is a friend of Flintwood.  She is sweet as can be and will bend over backwards to lend a hand to anyone in need.  Coupled with that sweet persona is a fierce business woman and a staunch advocate for the environment.  She has pioneered clean technologies, charted environmental impacts and is our go to resource for the best new artisan cocktail.  She is equal parts dainty and ferocious and we modeled the Ash collection after her.  Soft and beautiful though mysterious and dark.  This collection will entice your guests and create the most elegant and moody event.  Add some candle light and Ash will be what everyone talks about for years to come.

Collection Items

  • Bridal Bouquet - 14-18”

  • Bridesmaids Bouquets - 10-12”

  • Boutonniere

  • Corsage

  • Flower Girl Bouquet

  • Flower Crown

  • Hair Comb

  • Toss Bouquet

  • Centerpiece Bouquets (Choice of vessel) 10-12”

  • Sign Florals

  • Cake Flowers

  • 5’ Garland with Flowers

  • Candle Trio with Flowers

  • Arbor Pieces

Ash 1.jpg

Ash 2.jpg


Honestly, Ash goes with any design, any theme and any time of year. If you love light and airy mixed with dark and deep this is the collection for you. We love Ash with Italian marble place settings and matte black silverware. Either way, this collection is dynamite.